TECCO Slope stabilization system, rock fall drape

TECCO Slope stabilization system, rock fall drape

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TECCO® high-tensile mesh slope stabilisation system

The TECCO® high-tensile mesh slope stabilisation system (boulder netting, flexible facing) stabilises steep, weathered slopes in place of concrete and shotcrete constructions and conventional net systems: After cleaning, leveling and profiling the surface, the TECCO® high-tensile steel wire mesh can be pretensioned on the slope at a defined force using soil or rock nails and spike plates. The mesh adapts to the topography and so prevents not only slides and deformations, but also breakouts.
Benefitscompared with supporting walls, shotcrete, wire rope nets, heavy square mesh nets and reinforced hexagonal meshes:
system dimensioning is measurable
freely selectable anchor points
fast installation over large areas
practically invisible when the vegetation establishes
CO2 footprint is significantly better than with shotcrete
ComponentsThe TECCO® system consists of four main components that are carefully coordinated with each other:
TECCO® high-tensile steel wire mesh
TECCO® spike plates
TECCO® connection clips
Soil or rock nails
DimensioningWith our RUVOLUM® dimensioning concept, the optimal forces at the anchor points can be determined as a function of the geotechnical parameters, to provide the static verification for the overall system. The relevant software is available on request.

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