Chain Wire Temporary Fence

Chain Wire Temporary Fence

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Product Description

Chain Wire Temporary Fence Is A Kinds of Temporary Fencing Which Infilled Mesh Using the Woven Mesh ,Compare With Welded Wire temporary fenceThe Chain Wire Temporary Fence  Take Advantage of without Welded Ponints And Easy To remove Broken Chain Link Mesh change new replaced chain wire ,the main frame pipe of temporary fence are recycled using many years,more economic and care environmental ,As We know the infilled mesh is the weaker parts of the whole temporary fencing system,the welded mesh easy get broken but for the chain wire temporary fence you can use new mesh to replace many years.

Chain Wire Temporary Fence Style

    Panel Size:2100mm Height x 2400mm Width
    Mesh Size:60mm x 60mm
    Frame :OD 32 x 2.00mm thickness
    Wire Diameter :2.0mm ,2.2mm ,2.5mm etc
    Finish HDG : zinc 42microns

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